Jazz Ensemble

All titles for jazz ensemble are written for 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, guitar, piano, bass, and drums. Selected titles also include a separate percussion part.

New Life

John Wasson
$60.00 | Grade 5
New Life sample

Originally recorded by the Dallas Brass on their Windborne CD, this Big Band arrangement in a Bossa style features a written solo for Soprano Sax, improvised solos for Flugel and Guitar, and some beautiful ensemble writing for the entire band. Challenging Rhythm section playing throughout. Lead Trumpet to A#, Flugels.


John Wasson
$60.00 | Grade 5
Heat-Seeker sample

Written for the Purdue Jazz Band’s annual Jazz Festival, this high-energy swing powerhouse features solos for Trumpet and Tenor Sax. Lead Trumpet to high F.


by Jiggs Whigham, arr. John Wasson
$60.00 | Grade 5
Bodge sample

Originally recorded by the composer-trombonist Jiggs Whigham on his “Hope” CD as a small group work, this beautiful jazz waltz ballad fills out the lush harmonies and colors in a big band arrangement, providing a beautiful backdrop for Soprano Sax, Flugel and Trombone melody, as well as an improvised Trombone solo. The Lead Trumpet player is featured in a soaring line ending on a high E. Flugels.

Song for Kate

by John Wynn, arr. John Wasson
$60.00 | Grade 4
Song for Kate sample

This work was composed as a solo guitar work by John Wynn. In this big band treatment the Guitarist is featured, as well as an improvised solo for Tenor Sax. Flute doubles in top 4 Saxes.

Funk City

by John Wasson
$60.00 | Grade 5
Funk City sample

This original work, a shout-out to an extremely popular Bay Area band, was written for the U. S. Air Force Jazz Ensemble at Elmendorf, Alaska. True to the style, it features Electric Guitar and Tenor Sax solos, as well as prominent licks for the Bari Sax player with Bass Trombone. Lead Trumpet to high F.