"Chronicles" by John Wasson's Strata Big Band on Mama Records

John Wasson's Strata Big Band
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Chronicles by John Wasson's Strata Big BandThe long-awaited recording of this dynamic jazz ensemble is finally here! You’ll hear a collection of John Wasson’s unique original compositions and creative arrangements of classic and contemporary jazz works performed by a star-studded cast of players and soloists.

Track Listing

  1. Heat-Seeker (John Wasson)
  2. Funk City (John Wasson)
  3.  Señor Salsa (John Wasson)
  4. Bodge (Jiggs Whigham)
  5. Maria from “West Side Story” (Bernstein/Sondheim)
  6. Blues for Alice (Charlie Parker)
  7. Tank! From “Cowboy Bebop” (Yoko Kanno)
  8. Song for Kate (John Wynn)
  9. The Detective Chronicles (John Wasson)

All arrangements by John Wasson

Band Personnel

Reeds – Bruce Bohnstengel, Tim Ishii, Jeff Robbins, Chris Beaty, Michael Morrison
Trumpets – Keith Jourdan, Miles Johnson, Jack Evans, Pete Clagett
Trombones – Tony Baker, David Butler, Chris Seiter, John Wasson
Rhythm – Noel Johnston (Guitar), Paul Lees (Piano), Eric Hitt (Bass), Mike Drake (Drums), Mike Medina (Percussion)

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The New Cool

John Wasson's CoolBrass Jazztet
$15.00 (shipping included)

The New CoolThe much-anticipated first release by John Wasson’s CoolBrass Jazztet! Featuring arrangements of music from the Cool period along with other classic jazz compositions, this ensemble of 5 brass with a drummer creates a unique ensemble sound as they explore the music of Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan, Oliver Nelson, Herbie Hancock and many other jazz greats. WIth stunning solo work and passionate ensemble playing, this group makes a bold statement with their first release. Featuring Chad Willis and Pete Clagett on trumpet, Luke Brimhall and John Allen on trombone, Jaelun Washington on drums, and John Wasson on tuba.

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